Attention all festival fashion lovers… We’ve searched high and low to bring to you the very best of 2018’s Splendour Fashion. Across every brand, every style & every festival punter;  we’ve put together our favourite, most original and most show-stopping outfits from the weekends of all weekends.  Put your hands together (and take some screen-shots) for Her Pony’s 2018 Splendour Best Dressed…

#10. @reneeherbet

You know you can expect the Herbert twins to dominate their festival look and Splendour did not disappoint…

What we are loving: The Harley Tee + chains combo (a little bit nice and a little bit naughty). We also love the practicability of the outfit – comfortable enough to be dancing all night while still looking hot AF – winning!

#9. @shayemarshall

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.24.01 am

Another total babe who knows how to dress for the occasion and simply we love her cool-girl style.

What we are loving: We adore the maxi skirt and tee combo. Such an effortlessly chic vibe that is also practical & comfortable

#8. @zuhairah.d


Bringing boho back… This honey knows how to work a set! I think we can pretty much crown her as Splendour’s very own golden goddess.

What we are loving: PRINT PRINT PRINT! We absolutely adore a vintage-inspired print. The accessories paired with the set take the outfit to the next level and really tie it all together. Modern vintage at it’s finest.

#7. @emmgurr


Em turning heads at another festival… we can’t say that we’re surprised. This year she takes the cake for most original. 

What we are loving: Em sets an example for how we can style vintage and make it look super modern and chic. We adore the texture and colour choices especially paired with her gold accessories. This look draws on the tomboy trend – we love how Em breaks the rules of conventional festival outfits.


#6. @gemmairwin


The back-stage babe. 

What we are loving: Another clear example of how vintage tee’s make the most bomb addition to any outfit. We love the break up of colour with the addition of her hat. The hair and makeup have an ‘I woke up like this’ vibe which adds to the effortless (but incredible) beauty of this babe.

#5. @izzycarr & @abbeysteaness


We love both these babes we couldn’t pick just the one! Both girls rock their outfits to the maximum and are giving us some serious inspo.

What we are loving: Izzy (left)- we love the striped set which is super flattering and easy to move in (a must for any festival).

Abbey (right)- BLOOMERS! We absolutely adore bloomers here at HP and Abbey has perfectly styled them for this occasion. We are loving the pop of white linen which gives the outfit a fresh pop.


#4.  @cartiamallan 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.14.05 am

How could we go past this disco diva. A.K.A The queen of festivals… We can always count of Cartia for pulling through with a show-stopping outfit.

What we are loving: On the contrary to previous years Cartia rocks out a more low-key but equally as impressive outfit. We love this a good set here at HP and this boho number does not disappoint. The touch of gemstones on the face to tie the outfit all together.

#3. @jemma.dalitz

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.33.24 pm

Black is anything but boring on our girl Jemma. She shows just how to make an entrance in our Scorpio set.

What we are loving: We love layering! Jemma has taken her set to the next level by incorporating different layers and textures in the look. She keeps her hair and makeup simple and lets the outfit do the talking. We love the bronze embellishments paired up with her beautiful bronzy complexion.


#2.  @danicorro

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.23.24 am

The QUEEN of colour. Dani brings the magic to Splendour 2018 and we are honestly obsessed.

What we are loving: Textiles for days! We love the gold embellishments and bralette; pairing them with this silky textures of the skirt and wrap really makes a statement.

#1. @anisha_o

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.16.43 am

Going out with a true BANG. This cosmic kitty has our jaw-dropping with this look.

What we are loving: Simple + delicate – Anisha lets the detail do the talking. The crown and parasol bring a modern edge to the look and the boots take it next level. There’s so much intricacy to this outfit but yet it all comes together so effortlessly.

Happy Festivaling,

HP xx






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