Your scrolling through your feed post-festival awing at the glitz and glamour of your favourite Instagrammers and their perfect snaps that seemed to capture everything that you missed… Even though you attended the same event for some reason your pictures tell a very different story. Blurred snaps, videos you cannot post because your singing definitely doesn’t resemble anything like Beyoncé and the only photo that’s half decent you can’t even post because your best friend doesn’t approve. We’ve all been there. If you’ve ever wondered how to nail the perfect insta snap at your next festival, then we are here to help girl…




Ok so if we are honest, getting the whole group together for insta-pic can probably qualify for an extreme sport, ALTHOUGH it does count for a banging photo. Sending major envy to your followers and channelling some Coachella vibes, group pictures really do serve as the ultimate festival photo.  If all else fails, the best part about group pics is that they serve for the best memories with your girl gang too.



Ever tried to edit a pic in a mosh? Or with the sun glaring onto your phone screen? You upload it even though you’re not entirely sure what it looks like or if it’ll damage your rep, only to find out the next morning that your Photoshop skills aren’t the best after 5 vodka redbulls… Knowing what edits work for you and your Instagram will make your life so much easier across the festival! Experiment filters with old photos to grasp what your new pics will end up looking like. There are even apps like UNUM which allows you to upload photos (without uploading to your Instagram) to check what they will look like on your feed (you can thank us later.)



There is the right and very wrong locations at a festival to pick where to take your photos at. For example, posing out the front of over-flowing port-a-loos definitely doesn’t make for a quality festival pic. Luckily for us, festivals are filled with cool and quirky art installations that make for super cute backdrops. Finding these areas are perfect opportunity to get to know the festival and appreciate the other aspects of the festival.



Nothing says good morning like posing for a snap. We can guarantee that choosing to get your pictures done at the start of the day is the best thing for the gram. Everyone is fresh, excited and ready for the day. The morning sun acts as a natural flattering filter for yourself and all your pals too. The best thing about getting pictures early in the morning is that the grounds aren’t as busy, meaning you don’t need to wait your turn for cute backdrops or worry about any potential photobombing.


Even though you may be bugging everyone for photos all weekend long, you will definitely be everyone’s best friend at the end of it. Nothing is better than going through old festival pics, feeling a little nostalgic and reliving all the excitement and fun all over again. We hope this tips come in handy and take your gram next level at whatever festival you may attend!


Happy Festivaling,

Her Pony xx



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