Sore feet? Broken Strap? Zip buckled? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I mean, especially when we are grooving away well into the night. There’s nothing more vibe-killing than a wardrobe malfunction so here at Her Pony, we ’ve put together an emergency fashion kit to fix all any drama that may get in the way at your next festival.

Foot Cushions

Ever danced so hard you thought your feet would fall off? Foot cushions are a literal lifesaver, especially if you need the stamina to survive 3+ days dancing. Put them in your boots before the day or keep them handy to slide in when you need. You can thank us later.


Nude No-Show Underwear

So, you’re super stoked about your newest outfit, a little see through but that’s totally ok, right? Make sure you pick up a pair of seamless underwear, they’ll come in handy for your new piece and will avoid drawing attention to the wrong bits!


Safety Pins

If there’s one emergency item you need it is this. There is virtually no limit to the uses of these magical things. Broken straps, zippers, anything! I dare you to find a problem these things can’t fix!


Double Sided Tape

Again, one of the most versatile products that will ensure your festival runs as smoothly as possible. Use for a fallen hem, keeping a top from slipping or to avoid your outfit moving!


Silk Scarf

Apart from them being the most fashionable accessory on the market right now, these bits of fabric will do you wonders if you get caught in a fashion emergency. Use it to tie up your hair, use it as a headband, wrap yourself in it if you get cold, tie it around as a top or even use as a belt. This accessory will definitely become your new best friend.


The best part about these things as they are all small enough to put straight in your purse and have you prepared for whatever may happen that day!

Happy Festivaling,

Her Pony



Need a packing checklist? We’ve got you covered girl. Download our printable pdf checklist for Splendour In The Grass 2018.

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