My name is... Sophie flores & I am..21 years old.
My friends know me as…. Soph or Auntie pee pee (the name my 4 year old nephew calls me and it just caught on lol)
I’m Totally addicted to… ANYTHING SPARKLY or CHEETAH PRINT


My Fave shopping destination/s is/are ? 
Thrift stores!! All unique pieces that no one will have or similar pieces for a fraction of the cost.
Fave blog / website… I’m obsessed with the confetti crowd and their message they are spreading!
My style in 3 words…Funky vintage 11yearoldboy…lol I tend to dress like a boy sometimes !
Dream holiday destination… Greece1f60d
Fave music festival? Lighting in a bottle⚡️🍼 !! Amazing music and people such a magical experience that every festival go’er should experience
Currently listening to…
Billy kenny 😏





Fave bar or restaurant?
I lovee Jones in West Hollywood CA
Guilty pleasure?
Sour candy 😩
My festival essentials are…
Desposable camera, ritz crackers and a good squad!
Oh and of course a HP outfit💖💓💝


My favourite influencers/grammers are..
Thank-you beautiful Sophie for answering our QnA! Love the HP girls xx


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