My name is Maina & I am 16 years old.

My friends know me as Maz !!

I am totally addicted to festival wear 😍😍

My fave shopping destination is
online and herpony tops them all !

My fave blog would have to be Frankie magazine.

My style in 3 words would have to be :
unique, nostalgic and over the top🌟

My dream holiday destination would have To be India.

My favourite music festival is The Plot.

I’m currently listening to
BANKS, Lana Del Rey and Jungle Giants

My fave bar or restaurant is Grilled burger

My guilty pleasure would have to be 80’s music (Goldie’s)

My festival essentials are a
portable charger, bum bag, perfume, and lipbalm

My favourite influences/ grammars are :
@emdavies__ @saskiateje @yasminsuteja @jessicajroche @teganphillipa



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